Watch Death is Here 3 (2014) full online movies.

This movie is English subtitled so you can understand the movie. Here is the synopsis of the story.
Department of Biology, Xiaohua high Mo recently caught in a confusion and fear – because her psychic eye can see ghosts . Study room in the school , the girls toilets , library and campus late at night , her eyes always unintentionally caught in a mysterious red creature wandering . Holidays approaching, high foam and navy , Tommy love the outdoors , such as a group of college students traveling Mix together six college students under the leadership of the wizard Agee began to stimulate the mountains of journey.

Biology student, Mo takes a trip in the mountains when her group is stranded. Seeking refuge in a ruined temple, strange events related to a girl who went missing occur and the group realise that their past has a way of catching up to them.